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Discover the transformative potential of AI tailored for Small Businesses in Atlantic Canada. Dive into a workshop experience that promises not just knowledge, but actionable insights.

Trailblaze Your Business Growth with AI

Discover the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence tailored for Atlantic Canada’s unique business landscape. At TrailblazeAI, we don’t just introduce you to AI; we integrate it into your business strategy. Dive into a workshop experience that promises not just knowledge, but actionable insights. Choose growth, choose innovation, choose TrailblazeAI.

Benefits for Small Businesses

The AI Revolution: Why Should You Care?

Cost Efficiency

AI automation tackles repetitive tasks, reducing operational costs and freeing staff for strategic endeavours.

Improved Decision-Making

AI’s data analytics provide insights on market trends and consumer behaviour, aiding informed decisions.

Enhanced Customer Experience

AI personalised interactions via targeted marketing, recommendations, and 24/7 chatbot support.

Increased Competitiveness

AI streamlines operations, enabling small businesses to compete with larger counterparts.

Innovative Products and Services

AI fosters innovation, aiding in refining existing offerings or developing new products.


AI facilitates efficient scaling of operations as businesses grow, evolving through machine learning to meet expanding needs.

Features of the Workshop

A Comprehensive
AI Workshop Experience

AI Basics

Grasp the fundamentals of AI and understand its significance in today’s business world.

Hands-on Training

Dive into real-world scenarios where you’ll implement AI strategies under expert guidance.

Local Case Studies

Analyse success stories from Atlantic Canada, understanding the practical applications and benefits of AI.

Post-Workshop Support

Our commitment doesn’t end with the workshop. Receive continued support as you embark on your AI journey.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with fellow business leaders, share experiences, and build valuable relationships.

About TrailblazeAI

Pioneering AI for Atlantic Canada's Business Growth

TrailblazeAI is at the forefront of integrating AI into the business landscape of Atlantic Canada. Our vision is to be the catalyst for a renaissance of growth, hope, and positive change for businesses in the region.

TrailblazeAI Team

Meet the Co-founders

John Cody Headshot
“Over the last ten years, I’ve collaborated with over 2,500 small and medium-sized businesses. My passion lies in seeing businesses thrive. I envision a future for Atlantic Canada teeming with growth and positive change.”


Co-founders | TrailblazeAI

Colin Alexander Headshot
“From Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia, I’ve spent my life working with audio and video. Helping Atlantic Canadian’s share their stories has always been my passion. Our region is rich with amazing people doing innovative things and I am blessed to be able to help them share their “Why” with their “Who!”

Colin Alexander

Co-founders | TrailblazeAI

Questions / Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Our training is tailored for the unique challenges and opportunities of small businesses in the Atlantic Canadian market. We emphasise local market trends, the nuances of the Atlantic customer base, and region-specific considerations. Our goal is to ensure that businesses not only understand AI but also know how to apply it effectively in their local context.
We understand the concerns of businesses just starting with AI. Especially when the business is just starting too! Our courses begin with foundational knowledge, breaking down complex concepts into understandable modules. With our guidance, recommendations, and hands-on approach in webinars, we ensure a seamless and confidence-building start for businesses of all levels of tech-savviness.
Our training modules and webinars are curated with a deep understanding of Atlantic Canadian values and needs. We regularly incorporate feedback from the local business community and highlight case studies relevant to the region. Our emphasis is on creating AI solutions that resonate with and benefit the Atlantic Canadian community.
We offer a range of advanced courses and webinars that delve deeper into specific AI applications, from optimising supply chains to data analytics. Moreover, businesses can access our network of local AI experts, one-on-one consultation sessions, and post-training support. We're committed to fostering a continuous learning environment for businesses eager to advance their AI capabilities.
We are always updating our content to reflect the latest in AI research and applications. With our finger on the pulse of both global AI trends and local Atlantic Canadian business needs, we ensure our courses and webinars are consistently relevant, practical, and forward-thinking. Our aim is to equip businesses with knowledge that stands the test of time while also addressing emerging challenges.


What Customer Say About Us

“TrailblazeAI transformed our business. After implementing insights gained in their workshops, we’ve seen a crazy jump in team productivity and efficiency!”

Jason M.

Local Business Owner

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